Residential Service Rates
Though dogs can be a lot of fun, cleaning up after them is not. We scoop where your pets left off, so you, your family, and your pets have a clean and safe yard to enjoy!
  • We are a local company providing affordable pet waste cleanup throughout most of Delaware County
  • Our prices are based on number of dogs, size of yard, and frequency of service. 
  • We offer several different payment options. Credit/Debit, Paypal, Checks, and Cash

Dog Waste Cleanup Service
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1 Dog once a week-        $13.50/Visit
1 Dog every other week-  $16.50/Visit 
2 Dogs once a week-        $15.75/Visit
2 Dogs every other week-  $19.50/Visit 
3 Dogs once a week-        $18.00/Visit
3 Dogs every other week-  $24.00/Visit 
4 Dogs once a week-        $21.00/Visit
4 Dogs every other week-  NOT RECOMMENDED 
*Large Yard (104'x104' to 147'x147') Add $2.00 per visit
* X-Large Yard - Add $2 each additional 1/4 acre per visit
 One Dog
 Three Dogs
 Four Dogs
Can I request a certain day or specific time?
We schedule our routes as to keep our prices affordable. While we try to be accommodating, we cannot allow customers to choose a specific day and time for their yard to be serviced. Please contact us to find out what days we are in your area. 
*10% OFF for Seniors (65 and older)
*10% OFF for Service Dogs
 Two Dogs
Prices For Average Size Backyard (1/8 to 1/4 Acre)
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One-time/Special Cleanings start at $35.00